We are the community symphony orchestra who rehearses and performs in the Yokohama region, Japan.
Read about us and know more about us.

We are gradually preparing for the 18th annual concert, which is coming in Winter, 2023.
Performing date and place will be announced on this website when they are fixed.

*If you read Japanese, access also to our main site in Japanese.

About Us

Yokohama Green Orchestra serves only one annual concert in a year. We give our performance at such a turtle pace, so that we can relish a challenge of playing music together regardless of age, sex, and musical experience. We leave no one behind, and we together seek enjoyment of music.

While players' weekday jobs are in finance, accounting, engineering, et cetera, we rehearse in every other Sunday. Each rehearsal moves hall to hall in the Yokohama region. In addition, we occasionally make a field trip for the two days residential rehearsals with intense practice.

Besides those rehearsals, we congregate together; we have a BBQ party in summer, we sometimes play a bowling together, and many of us have pennies to spend at an ale-house after each rehearsal. Needless to say, a big family kind of atmosphere has grown among us.

When Yokohama Green Orchestra was founded in 2004, there were less than a dozen players. In a few years, we have become a solid community orchestra with a solid number of players. Since the establishment, we have been extremely fortunate to have our conductor, Yoshihiro Abiko, who teaches music theory and composition at Senzoku School of Music. He leads us in a way that everyone feels a surge of pleasure in playing music together.

Where we are going from here is a point of debate. Certainly, we will devote our full effort for the upcoming annual concert. We shall improve quality of music for our beloved audience. Yet in a long run, we will somehow like to contribute to the city of Yokohama where many of us are born and grow up.